Short answer: it is felony if you're using it to your personal desires (time-transferring) to view YouTube content material offline while over-the-internet broadcasting isn't available.

Long answer: according to choice of the Supreme Court of the USA on the case of Sony Corp. Of America v. Universal City Studios (464 U.S. 417), from January 17, 1984: "...Time transferring become a fair use, represented no significant harm to the copyright holder..."

Youtube44 is really permitting users to look at YouTube content material later (time-transferring) while Internet connection isn't to be had. Our service is a DVR for YouTube, which can be compared to the case with Sony and Universal in 1984. If you have no Internet connection, it's absolutely exceptional to look at downloaded YouTube content.

What is unlawful approximately YouTube?

  • Massive distribution of YouTube content via channels that aren't managed by means of or not affiliated with YouTube (Google)
  • Any distribution or public broadcasting of YouTube content material (music and films)
  • Unauthorized paid distribution of free content material to be had on YouTube

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